ProRetentionTM is a comprehensive Student Lifecycle CRM system designed to address the constituent engagement needs of colleges and universities. The ProRetentionTM product suite empowers institutions to manage relationships through the entire student lifecycle, from prospects to enrolled students to alumni.

ProRetentionTM helps colleges and universities to increase enrolment, raise student success rates, and strengthen alumni relationships through three core products:

Enrolment CRM

ProRetentionTM Enrolment CRM is a unique CRM product for Higher Ed that has been thoughtfully designed to help admissions and marketing teams achieve their recruitment goals. The system lays the foundation to build strong relationships with prospective students and guide them through the enrolment process. A prospect mobile app enables students to submit enquiries, track status, connect through social media and get campus information using their mobile devices. Read more.

Success CRM

ProRetentionTM Success CRM provides colleges and universities with tools to maximise student success and retention. The ProRetentionTMEarly Warning System (EWS) helps institutions identify students who are most at-risk early enough to provide them with the resources they need to succeed. Success CRM has the engagement tools like 'Keep Warm Hub' with automated content distribution mechanism to reach out to students and other campus stakeholders. The Help Desk function enables students to get the information and services they need via a student portal, mobile app, email, or phone. And a 360-degree view of student information gives staff members the context they need to resolve issues effectively. Read more.

Advancement CRM

Colleges and universities face increasing competition for alumni and donor contributions while state funding and giving levels are on the decline. They need to find innovative ways to stretch their limited resources while funding more students and programmes than ever before. ProRetentionTM Advancement CRM helps higher education institutions with technology that gives a holistic view of current students and alumni, keeps track of finances, runs up-to-the-minute reports, enables multi-channel communication, mobile driven event management to help the advancement office. In addition, our unique mobility solutions for the alumni help build strong and productive relationships with them to build a brand for fundraising success and improve institutional participation. Read more.

All desktop solutions are supplemented by innovative set of mobile apps for students and staff, on both iOS and Android platforms.

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