• Improve your website visitor experience
  • Capture every inquiry (3X increase in leads!)

Chat Support Services

We meticulously respond to student and other visitor queries, based on FAQ's provided by you, and from a growing knowledge base

We schedule campus visits, counselling sessions, interviews & other meetings for students & staff members

We proactively capture Inquiries and Leads & send them to you real-time for conversion. Increase revenues!

You get to use our white-labelled chat tool at zero cost, and we will help you install it free as well.

We will make available all chat history for your review, and weekly dashboards of our performance details.

You will be surprised at how inexpensive our service is! You get real human support with great customer empathy and not just a bot!

What more, we also offer you a free 14-day free trial to get a taste of our service and also for you to fine tune the service to your needs!


It is common knowledge that universities and colleges spend a lot of marketing dollars to drive traffic to their websites.
But it is also equally true that your website visitor often has to navigate a complex website to get the response he needs.
Our Higher Education experts have over a decade's experience dealing with students!
Our team of polite, professional, and well-trained Live Chat Agents will respond based on your FAQ's in a conversational manner, and put your visitors at ease.
24x7 Chat Support Services for universities
24x7 Chat Support Services for Colleges
We will capture every new student inquiry and make them available to you real-time for you to follow-up!
Our live chat agents would give the inquiring students the information that they need and also seamlessly capture the inquiry details (name, phone, email etc.) for you to increase your recruitment funnel.
We will provide you a proactive Chat tool, at zero cost, and also
give you a flavor of our service with a 14-day free trial!

Our Skills & Expertise

Our chat agents are real humans, with many years of higher education experience. Customer engagement and customer experience are most important for an institution's success. Our agents are trained to get your visitors' contact details politely, without sounding like bots. Each one of our agents goes through rigorous screening in order to be hired, and you should expect the best from them. We also emphasize on continuous improvement as your engagement with us, matures with time.

Lead Generation
Customer Support
Emails & Ticket Answering

Incredibly easy setup!

No technical skills needed. Flexible and fast 'go-live'.
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    Sign-up here https://quscient.com/sign-up.html

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    Paste the Code

    Copy/paste the code on all the pages of your website.

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    Provide FAQs

    Provide us with the most common questions and responses for your website visitors.

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    And Done!

    Our Agents need 48 hours to get trained and go live.


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