Engage2Serve (e2s) is a global provider of student lifecycle solutions for higher education. Our product suite optimises how institutions engage and serve diverse student populations using the power of mobile devices. Together we help your staff build meaningful, personalised relationships with students, guiding them across the entire student lifecycle journey through digital empowerment and best practises that enhance enrolment, student success, and advancement. Engage2Serve helps colleges and universities increase enrolment, raise student success rates, and strengthen alumni relationships through our range of products:

e2s Mobile

Build a custom mobile app for your school instantly, without writing a single line of code. e2s Mobile allows you to broadcast all college-related information, links, and portals for athletics, academics, emergency contacts, and staff directory in the hands of your prospects, students, and alumni!Read more.

College Information

Push Notifications

Current Campus News

e2s Mobile+

With e2s Mobile+, staff can set in place engagement campaigns and pathways that distribute content and interact with students for targeted, purposeful two-way communication and student feedback. Read more.

Personalised Pathway

Service Desk


e2s Recruit

The cloud-based e2s Recruit Enrolment CRM system provides high productivity marketing and recruitment tools that are accessible from any connected browser. The integrated mobile architecture empowers schools to connect with students on the platform they prefer the most – their mobile devices. Read more.

Campus and Academic Structures

Enquiry Distribution / Prioritisation

Dynamic Application Forms

e2s Retain

e2s Retain is a mobile-enabled student retention management solution, that improves overall experience and engagement while helping identify at-risk students in need of timely support. It empowers colleges and universities with a convenient way to combine on-demand access to faculty referrals, progress reports, and student self-reporting tools on one elegant and intuitive system. Team efficiency is significantly enhanced with centralised notes, automated notifications, and self-schedule appointment calendars that streamline workflow and allow for more time to be spent assisting students. Read more.

Faculty Referrals

Progress Reports

Academic Plans

e2s Connect

e2s Connect helps schools with technology that gives a holistic view of current students and Alumni, keeps track of finances, runs up-to-the-minute reports, enables multi-channel communication, mobile driven event management to help the advancement office. In addition, our unique mobility solutions for the alumni help build strong and productive relationships, between the Alumni and the institution and between Alumni, to build a brand for fundraising success. Read more.

Social Career Network



For more details about Engage2Serve, visit www.engage2serve.com.