24/7 Contact Centre

Many higher education institutions face the following challenges:

No single point of contact for current and prospective students.
Lack of visibility into response times, call volume, recurring issues, and other metrics critical to managing your operations.
Service levels that do not meet the needs of their constituents.
Responding to calls and enquiries made after hours.
Responding to enquiries from international students in different time zones.

QuScient is a global services company with a strict focus on Higher Education. Our 24-hour contact centres are staffed with professionals who are well-versed in issues commonly faced by colleges and universities. Our centres are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures efficient operation and comprehensive reporting. We have deep experience working with institutions in the U.S., the U.K., and around the world, through which we have built an exceptional reputation for service and value.

Our services are unique, student-centric and highly relevant in today's educational environment, where many institutions are challenged to reduce costs, improve student experience and increase operational efficiencies. Treat your student like a customer is our overarching philosophy.

By outsourcing any or all of your contact centre needs, your institution can offer enhanced service levels while cutting costs. Our 24/7 contact centre can assist your students, staff, faculty, and even external agencies such as employers and the government.

Our phone, email and chat helpdesk services are built on a modern IT infrastructure with a dialler-integrated CRM. Our helpdesk domain experts will be trained for on your processes and offerings, to ensure that they will effectively and accurately represent your institution. We follow industry best practises to ensure the highest level of responsiveness, conforming to stringent client-defined SLAs and quality standards.

Our 24/7 Contact Centre Offerings:

Student Support

Our 24/7 inbound student support desk is manned by a dedicated team with extensive experience in call management. We can provide a single point of contact for students who need fast resolution to their issues and questions, regardless of the time of day over phone, email or chat. When items cannot be resolved immediately, we will pass them to the appropriate specialist or department, while continuing to monitor the ticket until final resolution. QuScient's team of advisors uses proprietary issue ticketing software to track every issue until satisfactory closure.

Prospect Enquiry Support

QuScient can provide a single point of contact for all prospects and applicants, including international students, who reach out to the university seeking clarification or guidance during the admission process. The service provides a comprehensive enquiry support helpdesk with a range of email, chat and phone-based support services. We have deployed well-defined routing methods for enquiry allocation, escalation, response monitoring, and resolution tracking. Our standard processes are informed by our experience with continuous improvement, quality control, and reporting for maintaining and monitoring of service levels.

IT Helpdesk

Your QuScient IT helpdesk will be manned by our professionally qualified and trained technical support engineers. They will assist your students, staff, and faculty with first-line and second-line issues related to technology applications (such as Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and student portals) and hardware (such as PCs, laptops, servers, networks, email system, and peripheral devices). Take advantage of our efficient and responsive technical support to improve satisfaction and contain costs.

Enquiry Generation

The QuScient team can identify prospective students through outbound phone, email and internet campaigns. We can then reach out to enquirers for further qualification and information gathering using our fully deployed call centre equipped with a state-of-the-art predictive dialler. We can answer questions, gather details on programmes of interest, and provide information about your institution via phone, email or chat. Interested and qualified enquiries can then be forwarded to admission offices for further action. Our staff of trained enrolment counsellors has years of experience in enquiry generation, and we have generated thousands of enquiries as we actively supported our clients in the achievement of their enrolment objectives.

After Hours Support

The cost of staffing a contact centre outside of normal campus hours can be daunting and prohibitively expensive. Universities and colleges world-wide can now take advantage of QuScient's 'After Hours Support (AHS)' service offering via phone, email and chat. Experience our world-class service at an affordable price. The QuScient AHS service enables colleges and universities to extend both IT and general helpdesk support to students (including international prospects and students) and staff who need assistance outside of normal working hours. Your AHS team can also field enquiries from prospective students at any time, ensuring that every enquirer gets top-level support, no matter when they call.

Our Success

Client Speak
It has been such a pleasure working with QuScient. QuScient was instrumental in helping us build both the programming and contact centre areas. From hitting hard deadlines to partnering with us in working through challenges creatively, to simply operating in an honest manner with a high degree of integrity, it has truly been a pleasure working with you.
Michael Platt
- Former Chairman, PlattForm Advertising
Case Study

Effective delivery of prospect support services led to reduction of cost per application.

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